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"No more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints"

Eph. 2:19


Testimonials are provided to help you understand our group.

Image of Jesus Christ

"I am thankful that through this group I have learned a love for the Saviour. Also, that He loves me, and that I know that as a person I am okay" ~ Morgan

"Reconciliation is my home. My friends at Reconciliation are my new family and give me support and validation" ~ Ray

"LDS Reconciliation has been a place to comfortably discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We confer how the LDS Church interprets and administers that gospel and how that application affects the lives of LGBT people. For many their religious affiliation, social integration, and professional / family experience has been less than favorable upon their "coming out" to co-workers, friends, families and church authorities and we seek to address those concerns." ~ Ron

From the leader of LDS Reconciliation, "Our group starts with a welcome, reading of our mission statement, and sharing names. Then we sing a hymn, have a prayer, and someone gives a lesson or leads the discussion (we take turns). At the end of the meeting we have a closing hymn, a prayer, give announcements, have visiting time and refreshments. The lesson/discussion includes a positive perspective on how the gospel applies to us as gay people. It's like a blend between Elders quorum , Sunday school, a fireside, and FHE. We know that everyone is in a different place in their life's journey, and coming out process, so we try, without judgment, to include all, with the emphasis to live the gospel as best as possible, and to cultivate the spirit in our lives. We believe that it is possible as gay people ... not to give up on God-- not to "throw the baby out with the bathwater." Most of us lean toward hoping the Church will eventually be welcoming to gay couples. Some participants are couples. Singles are either celibate or dating. If I can answer any questions please give me a call. There is also a similar group called Affirmation, that we sometimes join. Good luck!" ~ Tom 801 521 -4692 / 801 815-2388

Gay Mormon Scriptures

"And all are alike unto God"
2 Nephi 26:33


For Meeting Information - Call (385) 743-9732